Culinary Futures is proud to partner with the following organizations. Through these partnerships, Culinary Futures has been instrumental in transforming the lives of countless underserved students in Chicago and Atlanta.

No Matter What was founded by Culinary Futures alum, Kenneth Griffin, due to his shared passion for community service and hospitality. Growing up on the south side of Chicago in an area where resources are scarce, Griffin decided to be a part of the solution that was essential for the youth of Chicago. When he began his journey in the culinary and hospitality industry, he always had the desire to make people happy, but that was not good enough. After years of observing the various law enforcement incidents that caused turmoil throughout the country, Griffin decided to be part of the needed solution by becoming a police officer with the Chicago Police Department.

He always said, “You show me a kid that terrorizes the community, and I will show you how to community terrorized the kid with a lack of resources.” His desire is for No Matter What to be a resource for the community he once belonged to. Griffin is dedicated to combining his philanthropic work with his experience in hospitality and law enforcement in order to create a sense of love and understanding with the youth of Chicago.

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